Lake Sammamish Waterski Club
Lake Sammamish Waterski Club
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Welcome to the Lake Sammamish Waterski Club

Tom Scholl LSWSC members share the common goal of promoting the safety and enjoyment of watersports. The club has a rich and interesting history, dating back to 1956 when the first slalom course was installed on Lake Sammamish, just east of Seattle, Washington. The LSWSC has definitely evolved and grown over the years, and today has one of the largest active memberships of any ski club in the country.

In the early years of the LSWSC, members had limited options to choose from when it came to watersports. Essentially, there was waterskiing and nothing else. This is certainly no longer the case. There are many watersports available today, and while its primary focus remains waterskiing, the Lake Sammamish Waterski Club encourages and actively supports participatation in wakeboarding, kneeboarding, barefooting, wakeskating, and other activities on the water.

Oouch! The Lake Sammamish Waterski Club provides a safe, friendly environment for its members to enjoy all that the club has to offer. Active participation at all levels of ability is encouraged and supported. The LSWSC is a great place to learn slalom skiing and wakeboarding. Some members compete at the national level and are more than willing to pass on helpful tips and advice.

If you are interested in joining the Lake Sammamish Waterski Club, great! New members are always welcome. Visit the membership page, choose a registration method, and you're on your way to becoming a club member. If you would like to find out about upcoming club activities, and perhaps attend a club meeting, check out the events schedule. If you have any questions at all about the Lake Sammamish Waterski Club, contact a club officer. They'll be happy to answer your questions.